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Coats and Blousons

Coat & Jacket

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Rocky Jacket Red Rocky Mountain


Rocky Jacket Red

RMFB successfully developed the same nylon fabric from 1974, with even better quality.
It\'s the tri-layered nylon with both waterproof and moisture permeable properties.
The Taslan nylon like cotton gives the vintage look.

  • RMFB Heritage
  • Water Proof Nylon
  • Color: Red
  • Made in Japan

M-65 Field jacket


Reproduced perfectly the OG 107 from the dead-stock piece, The Real McCoy\'s reissued this second model of M-65 in a different way with more details in exact color of OG 107...

  • Outer : 100% cotton
  • lining : 50% cotton 50% polyester
  • Talon zippers
  • Color: OG 107

Wool Varsity Jacket Dunbar


Inspired by varsity jackets from the 1960s. This model is completely personalized with patches and embroidery. It provides a casual vintage style.

  • Nylon lining
  • Handles: horsehide/tannin tanned
  • wool rib
  • cotton thread
  • Front and back: chenille crest
  • Right sleeve, left sleeve: felt patch
  • Made in Japan

*This product has a finish that takes advantage of the look of horsehide. Therefore, there may be some scratches or stains on the leather, but please understand that this is a feature of the leather.

Roughtout Down Vest


Since the 1960s, various materials have been used for down vests. This product uses cowhide leather on the outer surface.

  • Leather: cowhide leather, bare
  • Brown
  • Lining: nylon
  • Insulation: French duck down
  • Made in Japan

Type B-3 The Real Mc Coy's


The B-3, The REAL McCoy\'s version is a marvel. The exceptional sheepskin quality, the horsehide sleeves and the welded seams make the B-3 The REAL McCoy\'s an exceptional jacket whose original cut has been re-visited to make it more modern.

  • 100% sheepskin
  • Horse leather trim
  • vegetable tanning
  • ZIP Heel
  • Made in Japan

BeniOurain BOA Vest


A reversible vest that combines boa fleece with a Beniwaren pattern and nylon. Loose oversized sizing. The front of the boa part has a chest pocket and side pockets with a zipper, and the front of the nylon part has a side pocket with a zipper.

*Because we use fabric with a full pattern, there are individual differences in the placement of the pattern.