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2nd Type Jacket 2 year wash


OrSlow\'s Type 2 denim jacket, born in the 1950s, adds two front pockets while retaining the pleats of Type 1. Made from original selvedge denim, it evolves with wear to develop a unique patina over time. 

  • 13.5OZ original selvege denim
  • type 2
  • Made in Japan

U.S.N. M-43 Deck Jacket


This is generally referred to as the hook type and is the predecessor of the N-1 deck jacket.It was adopted in the second half of 1943 and first issued in 1944, representing the war period.A generation ago, this jacket had a front zipper, but due to frequent malfunctions caused by salt damage, it was replaced by a ratchet clip.

・Exterior: cotton cord fabric

・Lining: melton wool

・Inlay: rayon

・Side: wool ribbing

・Front zipper: ratchet clip type

・Sewing thread: Catania thread (cotton thread)

Made in Japan


1930's Alaskan Down


The US Air Force adopted this lightweight, padded suit based in Alaska at the start of World War II. Designed by Eddie Bauer in the late 1930s, the suit was initially intended for Alaskan bush pilots.

  • Made in Japan

Indigo KAYA Jacket


A jacket that can be worn lightly, Kaya fabric is used for the collar, cuffs and flaps to allow you to enjoy the different indigo textures of each material.

95% cotton, 5% linen

Made in Japan


N-1 Deck Jacket Navy


The N-1 deck jacket was issued to deck workers from World War II through the Korean War. N-1 is the name of a cold protection system for cold regions.

・Exterior: Cotton rope fabric

・Lining: Alpaca wool hair

・Front zip: 1940s bell type, nickel-plated < /span>

・Ribbed cuffs: wool rib


J-24 jacket The Real McCoy's


Buco became legendary for having designed leather jackets around the 1950s that have become legendary. The Real McCoys offers here a faithful reproduction of the most famous of them: the J-24. An iconic jacket immortalized by Marlon Brando in "L\'Équipée Sauvage" and which has inspired all generations of riders ever since.

  • 100% horse leather
  • Zipper Heel
  • Made in Japan

N-1 Deck Jacket Khaki


N-1 is the name of a cold protection system. This N-1 deck jacket was provided to American soldiers based on aircraft carriers during the Korean War (WW2).

  • 100% cotton
  • Khaki
  • Membrane: cotton cord canvas
  • Lining: alpaca wool velvet
  • Rib: wool rib
  • Front closure: 1940s bell type, brass, cotton ribbon
  • Made in Japan

Down Shirt Tan


The Down Shirt is a lighter garment coming in at approximately 5.5 ounces of 700 fill down. The lighter loft makes it a great middle layering piece for colder climates, while still being more than adequate as an outer layer for mild climates.

  • 100% Nylon Shell/Lining
  • 5 oz 700+ Fill Power Ethically-Sourced Goose Down
  • Left Chest Pocket
  • Hand Warmer Pockets
  • Nickel snaps
  • Leather Snap Reinforcement
  • Front Snap Closure
  • Made in Seattle, Washington USA
  • Updated 2022 Down Shirt sizing (fits true to size)