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The Real McCoy's has been doing not only better than its competitors, but also probably better than its original made in the United States, a half-century ago. 

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8HU Summer Flannel Shirt


Around the 1950s, shaded plaid shirts were in vogue.

Rayon wool open-collared shirts are the mainstream, but there are also cotton flannel fabrics that reproduce the pattern.

・Material: Cotton flannel

・Button: Urea button

・Sewing thread: Catan thread (cotton thread)

Shirt Tiger Camouflage


Originally, the tiger stripe was a camouflage pattern developed by the South Vietnam Army around 1960, but the US military, a military adviser, started using it for local procurement, and many patterns were born.
There are various theories about the classification, but as the name suggests, this one, which uses thin fabric, is from the latter half of the Vietnam War.
There is a record that it was worn by special forces such as the Army\'s Special Forces and Navy Seals.

・Material: Cotton blend, tiger camouflage (hand printing)
・Button: Urea button
・Sewing thread: Katan thread (cotton thread)

Denim Dungaree Jumper


In the late 1900s, the use of denim for clothing began in the US military.

While the Army stopped using it before the war, the Navy continued to use it during World War II.

Denim jumpers were mainly used as workwear for deck work, and shawl collars are thought to have been designed based on sailor collars.

・Material: 10 oz. weft gray denim

・Button: Iron change button

・Sewing thread: Cotton thread