The Real McCoy's

The Real McCoy's has been doing not only better than its competitors, but also probably better than its original made in the United States, a half-century ago.

About The Real McCoy's

"The Real McCoy's" is an exception as it alone represents the heritage universe. For many, The Real McCoy's is a synonymous with leather jackets, such as the very famous A-2, the mythical motorcycle jackets of the 40s Buco, or the... Voir plus

Vest Alpaca Khaki


This reissue of the vest worn by the US Navy during World War II is made from the same materials as the originals: ribbed cotton and alpaca (the warmest wool in the world). Our advice: layer it over a denim jacket or under our camel JINJI Blanket Coat.


  • 100% cotton
  • Khaki
  • Ribbed fabric
  • Alpaca wool lining
  • Zipper Heel
  • Made in Japan

Type B-10 Real Mc Coy's


The B-10 flight jacket was the first non-leather jacket issued to the USAAF. It has proven very popular among pilots due to the comfort of its alpaca lining and sheepskin collar.


  • 100% cotton sateen
  • Lined in alpaca wool
  • Sheep Collar
  • Zip Talon (1940 model)
  • Wool ribbing

Made in Japan

Type A-2 Kakishibu Dye


The famous A-2 revisited by The Real McCoy\'s with this time an incredible Kakishibu dye and a magnificent yellow-gold cotton satin lining. Our advice: hurry up! There won\'t be any for everyone (Limited Edition).

  • 100% horse leather
  • Vegetable tanning
  • Kakishibu Dye
  • Lined in cotton sateen
  • Zip Talon (40s model)
  • Wool ribbing
  • Made in Japan