Velva sheen

Velva Sheen was founded in 1932 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The brand for pullovers, T-shirts, gymnastic jackets and shorts for the colleges and the US Armed Forces. 

For a long time Velva sheen had been disappeared, the company has recently relaunched by a Japanese company based in California. Their goal is to continue producing clothes which have contributed to the legacy of American sportswear. The loom of Velva Sheen is running all day long at... Voir plus

2 pac s/s Tee Khaki/Khaki


The tubular Velva Sheen T-shirts are a reference in the United States. The American vintage spirit of the 50s and 60s, for a Marlon Brando or James Dean look.


  • 99% Cotton - 1% Polyester
  • Dark olive green
  • Tubular
  • Made in the USA