Who we are

The Jinji adventure began in Paris with our first boutique in Saint Germain des Prés.

It was in 2023 that we expanded a little further with a second boutique in the heart of the French California, Biarritz.

We offer a selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories from brands with a very strong imaginary and precise craftsmanship, featuring contemporary and essential pieces for the modern man's wardrobe.

In order to provide you with essential and sustainable fashion with impeccable craftsmanship, we search for the best manufacturers in their field from around the world.

Our universe draws inspiration from American iconography, with eras that have left a lasting impact on fashion, and their icons, McQueen, De Niro, Pitt... who, through their roles, have imposed a style, a subtle look.

In 2018, we launched our own brand bearing the name of our boutique, complementing our selection of international brands.

Jinji is also a community on Instagram, collaborations, events, and a podcast on Apple and Spotify...

Find this spirit of sharing and conviviality on our platforms and in our boutique, and discover each season on our e-shop our new Jinji products and our brand selection.

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Paris: 22 rue des Canettes 75006

Biarritz: 5 avenue Victor Hugo 64200

Instagram: jinji_shop

Podcast: L’arrière boutique 

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